Level Controller -DIN rail : CLS-2CD

Level Controller -DIN rail : CLS-2CD

Cirrus Engineering level controller model CLS2-CD. These Cirrus level controller are a versatile used 2 point high & low level indicator controller, which can be configured with different type of Cirrus level sensors or level switches, for high & low level indication cum controlling inside a tank, open pits or silos. The level sensors or level switches (optional- refer separate catalog for level switches / sensors*) are mounted inside tank/pit and wired to the level controller. Controller is of DIN rail mounting type,

Level controller gives one hold-on Relay output which can be used for controlling of a pump or alarm etc. Relay has in-built hold-on circuitry arrangement, the relay gets ON once the level reaches low level & gets OFF when level reaches high level. Relay re-energizes again only when low level is reached inside the tank. Relay output can be further configured in series to the pump motor’s control panel or starter contactor coil. Controller is also equipped with pump dry run prevention feature for U/G or feed tank.

(# Refer to our various models of level sensors and level switches which can be used with above level controller)

Applications : Water tanks, sewage pits, pump controlling, fire fighting tanks, raw water tanks etc.
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