Diesel Flow meter : CLA1-DGF

Diesel Flow meter : CLA1-DGF

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Cirrus Engineering manufacture Diesel flow meter which are economical and versatile used diesel flow measurement devices with digital display and battery operation. These flow meters are specially designed positive displacement meters to accurately measure diesel flow measurement in quantitative volumetric parameter.

In this positive-displacement meter, a cavity of fixed size is filled with flowing fluid and discharged downstream, so that the cavity size times the turns per second, yields the volumetric flow rate. Its Positive displacement design offers accurate & reliable operation. The flow meters are made in wide measuring range & have low pressure drop. The flow rate or totalized flow of liquid is displayed on the local mounted LCD display unit. Options are available with separate indicator, PC interfacing etc. The flow meters are available in different sizes and model for various mode of applications ranging from low flow gravity flow measurement to pump feed flow measurement. Its most applications are in and around DG yard, DG set, day tanks, underground diesel storage tank pipelines, diesel fired boilers, diesel operated prime movers etc.

Application: Diesel, fuel, oil etc.



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