Infrared Thermometer : CLI3 :

Infrared Thermometer : CLI3 :

Infrared Thermometer

Sensor range include Infrared Thermometers, PH/Humidity sensors, tachometers etc.

Infrared Thermometer – Cirrus non-contact mode of measuring temperature of an object from a distance vide application of infrared technology. By knowing the amount of infrared energy emitted by the object, the sensor measures object’s temperature. The measuring sensor consists of a lens which focus the infrared energy from the object on a detector which converts this energy into electronic signal. The electronic signal is thus converted into temperature unit, which is displayed instantly on the LCD unit. The Sensor offers a flexibility of being portable hand held operated device for temperature measurement from distance without coming in contact with the object. These thermometers are best suitable for measuring temperature of objects which are placed at high distance, odd in size or where conventional  temperature measurement by thermocouple or other contact probes is not possible. Operation of these thermometers is easy by aiming it towards the object and pressing the push button. Laser pointer is provided for steady and accurate aiming.

Application: Laboratories, water treatment, Industries like textile, automotive, food, steel, electronic, oil, cement, chemicals etc.