Cable Float Level Switch: CLS1

Cable Float Level Switch: CLS1

Cirrus Engineering manufacture Cable float Level switch. These float level switch model CLS1 are Cable float level switch being one of the versatile used Level switch for Level controlling in water tanks and sewage pits, easy to install, maintenance free and reliable designed for trouble free operation.

Its double chamber hermetic sealed non-toxic Polypropylene body makes it suitable for drinking water to sewage applications. The switching “ON” & “Off” differential is adjusted by a counterweight on the cable & by simply lengthening or shortening the free cable fixation point. Requires no special mounting arrangement, it is hanged by its cable in the tanks and can control both emptying and filling operations. It is used for controlling of pumps in all type of tanks & pits with greater depths.

Application:  Level controlling of Water, waste water, sewage,  drinking water, cooling tower, pump dry running protection, ETP, STP etc.

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